Hoophouse Project 101- Plan & Order

An almost replica of the hoophouse we ordered from Oregon Valley Greenhouses
A kinda- almost replica of the Hoophouse we ordered from Oregon Valley Greenhouses, Inc..

Step Two-  Plan & Order the Hoophouse-

#1  Research every conceivable option available using every source known to humankind.

#2  Talk to everyone that has a Hoophouse. Ask lots of questions. Visits are ideal.

#3  Read more, WEB search more, take notes. Note to self-“Don’t misplace notes.”

#4  Find a local company to do business with.  For us that was Oregon Valley Greenhouses, Inc. @  http://www.ovg.com/

#5  Visit them, look at their products, ask yet more questions.

#6  Go home, mull it over & over some more.  Eventually chose the best options available that fit your needs & your site.

#7  Check the budget. Check in with the building crew, bring home baked goodies. In my case this is Husband Bob & Son Will.  Thank them profusely for their undying loyalty to you and your latest project.

#8  Order the DARN thing…..

#9  DONE…  Kit parts to be picked-up in 2 weeks.

#10  Now back to the hole… Uhm the work site.

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