And Then There Were More…

The new flock of hennies is laying prolifically.  The girls are producing more eggs than our family and returning customers can handle.  What a problem to have… an excess of gorgeous Fresh Organic Eggs!

The dilemma is finding a way to handle the excess eggs until a network of new customers come onboard.  The solution, I hope, is to freeze the eggs for later use when production drops off later in the year.  I did a WEB search and found this link @ the National Center for Home Food Preservation,   and thought I would give it a try.

I decided the best use for frozen eggs at our house would be in baking so I followed that set of instructions.  Very straightforward, a little messy, & quick.

A Tutorial:  How to Freeze Fabulous, Farm Fresh Organic Eggs!!!

1. Select 1 dozen fresh eggs.

2. Break eggs into a clean container.

3. Break yolks with a fork and add to 2 cups of eggs either-

     3 Tablespoons OG sugar- if using for Baking  -OR-

     1 teaspoon OG salt- if using for Cooking.

  Mix whites, yolks & either the sugar or salt lightly together. Do Not Whip.

4. Pour into an ice cube tray & freeze until solid.

5. Remove the egg cubes from the ice cube trays.

6. Place egg cubes in a marked Zip-Loc bag & freeze for later use.


I found that 1 dozen Medium/Large eggs = 2 cups of mixed eggs = 1 ice cube tray.

2 egg cubes = 1 large/extra large egg.

So…  the time is here, Spring is near, the hens are laying fabulous farm fresh eggs just for you!  Support your local farmers and purchase some today and enjoy the wonders of a truly fresh egg.

Thank You for supporting your local farmers.

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