Space Boy!

Norman... Space Boy
Norman… Space Boy

Norman was born on May 18th.  His breed is a Dexter.  His color is Dun.  We thought he was Polled (polled meaning that he didn’t have horns and would never grow horns). Well… on day 5 we noticed small little bumps on his head. Putting him in a headlock, we parted his curly locks and there they were, horn buds. Dang… so we took special measures to remove said horn buds.  On day 8 of Norman’s young life we once again put him in a head lock, clipped off the curly locks around the buds, placed a pea size bead of a de-horning paste on each bud to kill the horn tissue and then gave him a very manly head wrap of silver duct tape to keep him from rubbing the paste off, and to keep momma from licking it off. He will get to wear his stylish accoutrement for several weeks. After the initial indignation he now seems rather full of himself and is enjoying showing off his special cap.  And so Space Boy was born…

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