Today’s Harvest…

Today's harvest... Strawberries
Today’s harvest… Strawberries

Life on the farm is a wonderful series of seasonal events. There is a flow of one event into another, just as the seasons flow one to the next. Some events have short timelines, others long.  For instance plant a radish seed and in 3-4 weeks you have a radish to harvest. Pretty simple, minimal input. Other vegetables you may plant in Spring but not harvest until late Summer or Fall. Some may take multiple seasons to produce a first harvest. Yet other crops may take several years to bear harvestable fruit. -You learn patience.  A lot can go wrong over the course; much of it you have little, if any, control over.  -You learn resilience. You must always be thinking, planning, changing course if needed, all in advance of the actual event. -You learn to be flexible. There in lies the challenge of farming. -I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


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