Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice

’Twas the week before Christmas,
on FullCircle Farm.

When all about the barn,
nary a critter was stirring,
but possibly a barn mouse.

The star has been hung
on the cupola with care,
In hopes that Winter Solstice,
soon would be there.

The cows are all nestled
in their warm straw beds,
With visions of Spring pastures
dancing in their heads.

With Momma in her Bogs,
and Poppa in his Carhartts,
we have just settled in
for a short winter’s break.

For today is a rebirth,
a new beginning.
As the days begin to lengthen,
I am feeling quite giddy.

Happy Winter Solstice
from all of us at FullCircle Farm!

3 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

  1. Wonderful! Happy Solstice – and the sun is with us for this day, at least in my little corner north of you – surely a good sign. Enjoy the season – good books, early nights, seed catalogues…

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