First Steps- 2015

2015 begins-
2015 begins-

Up before daylight. The house is quiet except for the patter of raindrops on the roof.  Start a warming fire in the wood stove, brew a cup of tea, sweeten it with honey, the day begins new.  I truly enjoy the first days of a new year.  A time of reflecting back merging into planning forward.  The coffee table is covered with plans.  Notes from last season, lots of notes. Seed catalogs and seed lists, lots of catalogs, lots of lists.  Books for planning, books for pleasure, lots of books.  An empty 2015 calendar beckoning to be filled.  The raindrops fall, the fire crackles, the tea cools, the heart warms.  The joy in stepping into a new year, one foot at a time.

8 thoughts on “First Steps- 2015

  1. I see a Swan Island Catalogue in your picture. We use to raise dahlias. Just sold over 2,000 tubers to a nursery. We are hoping to move (our house is on the market right now) and knew if I planted our tubers, we’d have to leave them with the house. So they all went to an excellent home and sold like crazy at the nursery. Our side pasture (out front) was full of dahlias — such a beautiful sight to behold. Our Swan Island catalogue arrived yesterday. Have you ever gone to the Dahlias Big You’d be surprised at all the growers and how good their prices are; plus it’s a blast to see so many different varieties.
    All our new seed catalogues are coming in now. We have two large greenhouses but we aren’t sure if we are going to plant a garden or not with the house on the market. It’s a hard call but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.
    Thanks for such a great post — I look forward to this New Year too.
    Happy Day to You ~~

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