Farm Meanderings- Winter Ends… Spring Begins

grape hyacinth
grape hyacinth

Let me start by saying- Condolences to all of you who have had, and in some cases are still having, a brutal Winter.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, 2015 was the Winter that never was. It feels like Spring & has for awhile now. Though the calendar, and experience, says not quite yet. Restraint. There is a palpable stirring of life on the farm. Sweet scents in the air, a pop of color here and there. An awakening.  Come take a walk-about the farm with me… Eye candy for you beleaguered sufferers of Winter.

6 thoughts on “Farm Meanderings- Winter Ends… Spring Begins

  1. Love the photo of the bee w/ the grape hyacinth. Well done! Spring can’t get here fast enough for us. Hope your bees are bubbling over!

  2. Thanks… I was lying on my side in the garden & had taken about a dozen photos of this little gal in quick succession. When I looked at the images on the computer 8 were blurred, 3 were poorly composed and the last was WOW! Love digital cameras!

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