The Rising of the Dawn… Birdsong

rising of the dawn
rising of the dawn

Sunday morning. The darkness of early morning surrounds me. Stealth downstairs in the early morning silence. I love this time of day before the world around me awakens. Click on a lamp, pick out a book, wrap up in an afghan. This mornings read, Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping by Dewey M. Caron. This is one of my go-to books on the art of beekeeping.  The quiet inspires me to research and refresh my memory as we start up this new year of beekeeping.  I get lost in the pages, absorbed. Time passes. I am catapulted back to reality when silence is interrupted by birdsong. I glance up and it is dawn, the birds know, they remind me.

The light is just breaking thru the trees. Silhouettes are becoming visible. I grab the camera, my jacket and mud boots and go out into the brisk air. Rain has blanketed the earth with it’s regenerative powers. The beauty is overwhelming. The stillness, the scents on the air, the kiss of drizzle on a cheek, the birdsong. A melancholy sky thick with gray clouds overhead. Slowly a glint of golden possibility appears on the horizon. For just a few moments I am witness to the glow of a perfect plum blossom on a gray canvas. Lovely…

Birdsong awakening a day.

4 thoughts on “The Rising of the Dawn… Birdsong

  1. Your morning makes me think of my mother…throughout my teen and early adult years, she was up hours before me, bathrobe and coffee, writing her journal and having some personal time before the day. She loved watching the dawn expanding, and like you, the birdsong that was part of that. Lovely images, and memories. Thanks.

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