Farm Meanderings- Change… Adapt… Rejoice

morning sun
morning sun

The summer of 2015 was long & hot & dry. It was a demanding season to be a farmer in the Pacific Northwest. We were challenged at every turn by the relentless weather and the cavalcade of effects it had on the farm and it’s farmers. We also welcomed a major change into our lives in the form of my husbands retirement from a lifelong career.  But in the end we simply rejoiced everyday in the beauty of this place.
Life at its finest- Change… Adapt… Rejoice


9 thoughts on “Farm Meanderings- Change… Adapt… Rejoice

  1. Cathy, thanks for your interesting postings. It is fun the see what you and Bob have been doing on your farm.

  2. Well done. Start saving water now, looks like we might get another dry year. I always joke that I’ll retire to farming so I can work till I die. So looking forward to it. (Career change!)

  3. Beautiful photos,as always – I do envy your eye for these, and I suspect your patience in setting up your pictures :). I sure agree about the relentlessness of our PNW summer – it was just so difficult to get things done in that heat, and I found myself very conscious of water use and water needs by the end of it. Now of course, as I don my gum boots to deliver dinner to the pigs, I whine about the mud that’s beginning to become a regular aspect of chore time…change, adapt, rejoice – good words to live by.

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