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2013 Summer sunrise over the garden.
2013 Summer sunrise over the garden


We are a small family farmstead located in Scholls, Oregon, USA, a small rural community 40 minutes SW of Portland.  This farm is a part of us, a mirror of who we are and what we believe in.  A piece of us, that over the years, we have with hands and heart built and  nurtured and loved, much like the 3 children we have raised here.  It all begins with the soil.  Carefully and respectfully caring for it with Organic principles.  Nurturing its abundance whether it be crops, pasture, livestock, wildlife or woodland.  Nourishing ourselves, our animals, family and friends with its bounty.  Returning to it the waste in the form of compost and animal manures to once again build the soil and begin the cycle anew.  Therefore the FullCircle in our name.


Me in my garden.
Me in my garden.

I was born in 1957 and was raised on a small farm in the tiny rural community of Laurel, Oregon, not 4 miles from the farm that we have called home for the past 31 years.  It was during my childhood that my love affair with farm life, animals & the natural world around me began.  I was the youngest of 6 children, born to parents who themselves were children of the great depression. They knew the ways of self-sufficiency and the importance of learning life skills, therefore my education began early.  By their example I learned to -Work hard, -Be honest in all you do, -Be observant of & care for the world around you, -Never be afraid to learn a new skill, to get dirty or to sweat & -Read. These guiding principles set the foundation of how to live a good & simple life.

I always loved to read. On our weekly trip to town my Mom would always take me to the public library so I could checkout an armful of new books.  She taught me from an early age the wonder contained in books. Thanks Mom! From her I learned how to cook, and bake, and can, and sew, along with many other skills that have served me well.

I followed my Dad everywhere, the woods, the garden, the orchard, his workshop, the barn. The barn was my favorite. I loved everything about it.  The sights, the smells, all the different animals, helping with the chores, the comfort it brought. A favorite memory was lying on the back of old ‘Bossie’ the family milk cow, hugging her, cheek against her warm soft hide, as she stood in her stanchion while my Dad milked her. He could build anything out of seemingly nothing, fix anything that was broken & had a practical mechanical mind.  He possessed a dry sense of humor, loved to tease & tell a good story.

Salts of the Earth they were…

After graduating from high school I spent a year of indecision apprenticing with a local saddlemaker.  Following that I attended Portland Community College and graduated with an associate of science degree in X-Ray Technology, working in that field nearly 8 years.  I learned a lot in those years, most of all learning that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life working indoors or in the city.  The farm life was beckoning me home.  It was also during those years that I met my husband Bob. A chance introduction by a friend of mine, who happened to be his sister-in-law, brought us together. An unlikely match it was, but one that began a wonderfully incredible journey as life mates.


Bob and his portable sawmill.
Bob and his portable sawmill.

Also born in 1957, Bob was raised on a large 2-acre lot in SW Portland, Oregon. His Dad, a physician, & his Mom a nurse, turned stay at home Mom, raised 7 children there. Bob was #6.  With a herd of built in playmates and room to explore, his childhood was filled with many outdoor adventures.  Wonderful memories of tree forts, building dams in the creek, trail building, family dogs, Boy Scouts with his Dad, camping, hiking and backpacking with the family burros ‘Pete and Gladys’, he developed a love for the outdoors early on. He admits during those years he had a glimmer of thoughts of living in the country.

After graduation from high school, and several odd jobs later, he found his calling in Emergency Medical Services. A long career followed, first as an EMT then Paramedic and finally a Fire Fighter.

Shortly after we met he moved into an old mill house in the Scholls area with 100 acres to play and learn on with all the firewood he could cut for heat, spring fed gravity water system and a creek flowing past just down the hill.  There he began learning more hands on country skills.  With my Dad as mentor and teacher a multitude of knowledge & skills were absorbed in their time together. He was hooked and never looked back towards the city!


A day at the beach.
A day at the Oregon coast.

This story is quite lengthy after 36 years of marriage and 34 years of building this farm together. As I slowly gather and scan old photos,  and write about our farmsteading  adventures I will be posting the unfolding story to the blog page.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Enjoy your journey!

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