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Sunday Summer Showers

summer showers
summer showers

It has been hot here lately. Well hot for here anyways! Mighty early in the season for this many days of prolonged heat. So dry. It is June not August! Days that heat up quickly, nights that fail to cool, dry. Hard on the plants, hard on the animals, hard on the humans. Then this morning- Gray skies, a breeze, big fat raindrops, thunder in the distance. Time to do a barnyard dance!!! It feels SO good! The plants rejoice, the animals rejoice, the human rejoices. It will not last… the forecast tells us the heat will ramp up another notch in the coming week.

But to celebrate a garden tour was in order. Come join me.

Here the Bumble Bees in the Lavender. Check the egg filled nest hidden in the gooseberries. Listen to the buzz of Honey Bees beginning their workday. Pollinators on flowers, flowers glowing to attract them. Cane berries ripening. An early morning harvest. The first Dahlia bloom. A buck deer bedded down at the edge of the woods. The scent of  flowers & rain spattered soil in the air.   Beauty surrounds. Beauty abounds.

The Rising of the Dawn… Birdsong

rising of the dawn
rising of the dawn

Sunday morning. The darkness of early morning surrounds me. Stealth downstairs in the early morning silence. I love this time of day before the world around me awakens. Click on a lamp, pick out a book, wrap up in an afghan. This mornings read, Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping by Dewey M. Caron. This is one of my go-to books on the art of beekeeping.  The quiet inspires me to research and refresh my memory as we start up this new year of beekeeping.  I get lost in the pages, absorbed. Time passes. I am catapulted back to reality when silence is interrupted by birdsong. I glance up and it is dawn, the birds know, they remind me.

The light is just breaking thru the trees. Silhouettes are becoming visible. I grab the camera, my jacket and mud boots and go out into the brisk air. Rain has blanketed the earth with it’s regenerative powers. The beauty is overwhelming. The stillness, the scents on the air, the kiss of drizzle on a cheek, the birdsong. A melancholy sky thick with gray clouds overhead. Slowly a glint of golden possibility appears on the horizon. For just a few moments I am witness to the glow of a perfect plum blossom on a gray canvas. Lovely…

Birdsong awakening a day.

FullCircle Farm 2014- A Photo Retrospective

It has been quite a year at FullCircle farm. I hope you enjoy the photo tour thru all the beautiful seasons of 2014.

Happy New Year everyone!

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice

’Twas the week before Christmas,
on FullCircle Farm.

When all about the barn,
nary a critter was stirring,
but possibly a barn mouse.

The star has been hung
on the cupola with care,
In hopes that Winter Solstice,
soon would be there.

The cows are all nestled
in their warm straw beds,
With visions of Spring pastures
dancing in their heads.

With Momma in her Bogs,
and Poppa in his Carhartts,
we have just settled in
for a short winter’s break.

For today is a rebirth,
a new beginning.
As the days begin to lengthen,
I am feeling quite giddy.

Happy Winter Solstice
from all of us at FullCircle Farm!

The Many Faces of Autumn

autumn mist in the woods
autumn mist in the woods

Autumn/November is a point of transition. A bridge between summer and winter, an occasion of stark contrasts. A time of rest and busyness, low sun and long shadow, harsh rains and soft mists, grayness and brilliant color. The farm and its inhabitants active with both summer cleanup and winter preparation. The first frost is near and winter is not far behind.

Enjoy this photo tour of late November at FullCircle Farm.

Farm Meanderings- Early Autumn

Autumn sunrise
Autumn sunrise

I Love the changes that come with each season.  Come join me for on an early Autumn walk about the farm.

High Summer on the Farm


July is a voraciously busy month on the farm.  It is a month where you are straddling multiple seasons- in the throes of Summer, prepping for Fall and planning for Winter.  The days are getting shorter, the angle of the sun is changing, the harvest is reaching its peak and the farmer always seems to be in perpetual motion.  One foot in front of the other, one chore after another, moving forward, feeling behind.

Our July has been exceptionally busy here at FullCircle Farm-  gardening, weeding, watering, harvesting, cultivating, seeding, transplanting, thinning, trellising, mowing, composting, feeding, haying, watering, rotating, hoop coop moving, slaughtering, processing, breeding, brooding, hive inspecting, supering, canning, freezing, drying, pickling, jam making, equipment repairing, equipment building, tree cutting, limb chipping, wood stacking, sales & marketing, helping, laughing, loving, eating and sleeping well.

Even as overflowing as this July has been it has purpose and reason.  It feels right,  It feels good.  It is where I belong.

A Beautiful but Busy July