Dexter Cattle

Our Herd:  We began raising Registered Dexter Cattle in 2009. Currently our herd consists of 8 individuals. (Click on an individuals name to view their pedigree on the American Dexter Cattle Association website.)

Matriarch Momma cow  –Belle Fourche Merrideth was our first Dexter.  She is 12 years old, Black & de-horned. She delivered her 9th calf in May  2015 -FullCircle Walter is a handsome Dun, de-horned Steer. He is being raised for beef.  Unfortunately Merrideth lost her 2016 calf back in November. After a rest & recuperation she will once again be bred to Mrald Pacific Chrome for a 2017 calf.

Momma cow –FullCircle Eloise, (Merrideth’s 2011 daughter) is a 5 year old, polled, Dun. On June 29th 2016 Eloise gave birth to her 4th calf- FullCircle Otis is a very friendly Black, de-horned bull calf. Otis is the 2nd calf by our young herd bull Mrald Pacific Chrome. Eloise’s 3rd calf was born on July 15th, 2015. –FullCircle George was a super adorable RED, polled, bull calf weighing in at 54#’s at birth. George has been sold to a Dexter farm in Washington state.

FullCircle Maggie (Eloise’s 2013 daughter & granddaughter of Merrideth) is an exceptionally sweet, 3 year old, polled, Black heifer. Maggie delivered her 1st calf on May 17th, 2016 -FullCircle Arthur. He is a very handsome, Black, de-horned, bull calf weighing in at 51#’s at birth. This is our 1st calf by our young herd bull Mrald Pacific Chrome & he is stunning!

In early May 2015 we added a bull to our herd. Mrald Pacific Chrome (ADCA #036832). Bert, as he is known on the farm, is a handsome & gentle 2 year old, de-horned, Black bull who was added to FullCircle Farm as herd sire. Bert’s dam is HV Saltaire Susie, his sire is Circle H’s Frederick.  He brings those incredible bloodlines (known for good temperaments, body length, depth & width, increased muscling and good udders) along with his own easy going temperament and excellent feet to our breeding program. Both of his 2016 bull calves have beautiful legs, long flat toplines, width & depth of body and good temperaments.  All 3 of our brood cows will be  bred to Mrald Pacific Chrome for 2017 calves.

We chose the Dexter breed for their small size  and dual purpose nature. Our farm has limited pasture, so the small breed is better able to utilize what we do have and turn it into milk, beef, and beautiful calves. Merrideth is trained to milk and we have milked her in the past. Currently she is a full time momma cow, raising a calf each year for beef, or sale in the case of heifers. Merrideth is the foundation of our herd.  Eloise will continue on at the farm as a 2nd brood cow.  Maggie is FullCircle Farms 3rd brood cow as well as the future family milk cow. Mrald Pacific Chrome (Bert) has begun his career as the FullCircle Farm herd sire in 2015. In 2015 we added 2 bull calves, FullCircle Walter & FullCircle George, to our herd.  In 2016 we have added 2 bull calves, FullCircle Arthur (FullCircle Maggie X Mrald Pacific Chrome) & FullCircle Otis (FullCircle Eloise X Mrald Pacific Chrome).

Check back for their stories as well as to their sale availability.


Growing Practices:  Our cattle are grass fed, grazing our pastures from approximately May through October and are on dry lot for the remainder of the year to protect the pastures from damage. They are also fed locally grown, Organic mixed grass hay, a small amount of alfalfa, free choice minerals and lots of veggie treats from the garden (they love squash and cabbage in particular!). The bulls that we have used in the past for AI breeding (artificial insemination) were chosen for temperament and body traits to improve on any of our cows shortcomings. Our new herd bull, Mrald Pacific Chrome (aka: “Bert”) was chosen for his temperament, incredible blood lines & outstanding feet. His bloodlines bring improvement in body width & length, muscling & udders. We aim to schedule our breeding and delivery dates so that our beef will be finished on the richest grass in late spring & the momma cows have access to good quality grass during lactation.

About our beef:   Dexter beef is delicious! It is a particularly darkly colored beef, well marbled, with great rich flavor. Our butcher has  frequently commented on the quality of our beef carcasses, and has been surprised by their size & hanging weight despite their diminutive stature. All of our beef is grass fed and finished. We choose to do on-farm slaughter to ensure our animals experience no stress that could adversely affect the quality of the beef. Because of this we do pre-sale of halves and quarters only (no cut sales). We have beef available only when a steer comes to market weight (at approximately 24 months). Some years we have heifer calves, and some years we have bull calves. This variability determines whether we have beef available at a given time. Please contact us at if you are interested in purchasing beef and we will let you know our current availability.

Dexters For Sale:   We raise high quality, Registered Dexters. All breeding stock is genetically tested & is PHA and Chondrodysplasia free. Our calves are all handled from birth, and are gentle, friendly, well-behaved, and trained to halter, lead, and tie. Our goal is to raise heifers that will make a wonderful family milk cow as well as good mothers to their own calves. In the case of bull calves, only the cream of the crop will be kept as bull prospects. They must meet a stringent criteria of quality in conformation, bloodlines, disposition & trainability. We will occasionally offer heifers for sale and even more seldom bull prospects. They will be listed for sale as youngsters & available after they are weaned and ready to move to a new home. Please check back to see if we have any calves available.

Feel free to email us at if you are interested in purchasing a FullCircle Dexter or would like more information about our cattle.

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  1. We are interested in the Irish Dexter cows. Do you have any available for sale? Please give us a call is you have availability.
    Thank you,
    Richard and Janice Rawls 360-***-****

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