2 thoughts on “hoophouse

  1. Are you laying gravel in your hoop house (greenhouse)? We have a large greenhouse and we used fabric on our floor then put the raised beds over the fabric. We’ve had it for over 4 years how and it works wonderful. NO WEEDS (Yes!!) and it’s so easy to wash down. We have gravel surrounding the entire outside of the greenhouse but we never thought of using the gravel for the floor.
    We are hoping to move to a farm that we have an offer on (must sell our home first) and will build a new greenhouse. Please let me know how the gravel works because this sounds a lot cheaper than the fabric.
    Love all your Fall photos – Thanks, as always, for sharing all the lovely pictures on your blog along with all your wonderful posts.

    1. Bobbie- Thank You, I am glad you enjoyed the photo tour. We are laying down a gravel base for a brick floor in part of the hoophouse. I call it the “foyer”! It will be the full width of the house and 5 feet deep. I plan to use the area for seed starting, a potting area, potted plantings, benches and storage. The remainder of the hoophouse area is for planting in the ground. It seemed like a good project to use up the pile of old bricks that have been hanging about the farm for years!
      Best of luck on the purchase of a new farm!

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