Honey Bees

honey bee & grape hyacinth
honey bee & grape hyacinth

We began our adventure in keeping honey bees in 2013 using an 8 frame modified Warre’ hive, foundationless frames and natural beekeeping practices. The bees have been a wonderful addition to our farm, contributing pollination, honey, and a busy buzz to our garden, fruit trees, and flowers. We are happy beginners in beekeeping and added a second hive in 2014. In 2015 we added a third hive by making an early Spring split of our overwintered Yellow hive that was thriving. On Father’s Day we captured a small swarm in our raspberries and it has a viable queen beginning to lay eggs. An unexpected 4th colony has been added to our growing apiary. We are totally enamored with beekeeping and look forward to learning about & from them for many years to come.

We harvest honey in a way that is respectful of our colony’s winter supply needs. If there is a surplus beyond what the bees and our household need, it will be made available for purchase. Check back for more information about honey sales!

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