Pastured Poultry

We raise several batches of Freedom Ranger fryers each year. The Freedom Rangers are  stout red birds that are excellent foragers and grow well on pasture. We raise them outdoors in our farm designed “hoop coop” that we move around our pastures. They are also fed an Organic Non-GMO grower ration as well as garden veggies to complete their diet.

Our finished fryers weigh out at 3 1/2 -6 lbs and have a very nice round body with a good balance of white and dark meat. We do on-farm slaughter to avoid subjecting the birds to the stress of transport and off-farm processing. We are able to do this under Oregon’s 1000 Bird Exemption Law, selling directly to consumers off of our farm. We age our birds for several days in the refrigerator before bagging to improve flavor and tenderness. The taste of our birds is incredible!

If you are interested in purchasing fryers from us, please contact us at Birds are available either fresh (limited time frame) or frozen. For fresh fryers, we will communicate with you about pick up days and times. Except for a limited window following slaughter dates, fryers are sold frozen.

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