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1-25-2014   An achingly beautiful January morning.
1-25-2014     An achingly beautiful January morning.

January on the farm this year has been an unusual gift. Frosty cold mornings followed by a mix of foggy days or stunning warming sunshine.  It has been dry here, no mud to speak of.  Glorious days with bird songs emanating from the woods, and honeybee activity in front of their hives. Green of garlic glistening above frosty leaf mulch. Green noses of daffodil and hyacinth poking thru frost heaved ground. Days where outdoor work gets done. Culling trees from the woods, limbing, chipping, firewood cutting & garden clean up.  Then there are the foggy days, best for homemade soup, crusty bed, wood fires, hot tea, seed catalogs, note pads & gardening books. A restful time of planning and dreaming.

I love these frosty cold mornings on the farm. Everything quietly glistens. The sun is low in the sky lending a beautiful soft light as it peeks thru the trees.  The barn is silent as I approach.  Only when I enter the door and say “Good Morning” am I greeted with activity.  A nicker from a horse, a cow rising from the straw & arching her back in a satisfying stretch, a calf mooing for her breakfast, the sound of the barn cat hitting the loft floor above as she drops down from her warm hay bed. Smiling faces and sparkling eyes, all eager to start their day. I take in the sights,  sounds and smells that surround me as I work. The crunching of sweet smelling hay, warm steamy breath blowing from nostrils,  the wonderful smell when you bury your face in the soft warm fur of a calves neck. There is a rhythm to this life that I love. Daily, monthly, seasonally, yearly. It makes sense. I linger in this place then return to the house, a spring to my step & a warmness in my heart.

Life is Good… Live it well.