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First Steps- 2015

2015 begins-
2015 begins-

Up before daylight. The house is quiet except for the patter of raindrops on the roof.  Start a warming fire in the wood stove, brew a cup of tea, sweeten it with honey, the day begins new.  I truly enjoy the first days of a new year.  A time of reflecting back merging into planning forward.  The coffee table is covered with plans.  Notes from last season, lots of notes. Seed catalogs and seed lists, lots of catalogs, lots of lists.  Books for planning, books for pleasure, lots of books.  An empty 2015 calendar beckoning to be filled.  The raindrops fall, the fire crackles, the tea cools, the heart warms.  The joy in stepping into a new year, one foot at a time.

FullCircle Farm 2014- A Photo Retrospective

It has been quite a year at FullCircle farm. I hope you enjoy the photo tour thru all the beautiful seasons of 2014.

Happy New Year everyone!

Hoophouse Project 101- Plan & Order

An almost replica of the hoophouse we ordered from Oregon Valley Greenhouses
A kinda- almost replica of the Hoophouse we ordered from Oregon Valley Greenhouses, Inc..

Step Two-  Plan & Order the Hoophouse-

#1  Research every conceivable option available using every source known to humankind.

#2  Talk to everyone that has a Hoophouse. Ask lots of questions. Visits are ideal.

#3  Read more, WEB search more, take notes. Note to self-“Don’t misplace notes.”

#4  Find a local company to do business with.  For us that was Oregon Valley Greenhouses, Inc. @  http://www.ovg.com/

#5  Visit them, look at their products, ask yet more questions.

#6  Go home, mull it over & over some more.  Eventually chose the best options available that fit your needs & your site.

#7  Check the budget. Check in with the building crew, bring home baked goodies. In my case this is Husband Bob & Son Will.  Thank them profusely for their undying loyalty to you and your latest project.

#8  Order the DARN thing…..

#9  DONE…  Kit parts to be picked-up in 2 weeks.

#10  Now back to the hole… Uhm the work site.

Welcome to our Farmstead Blog!

We are excited to have this space as a way to share updates about what’s happening at the farmstead throughout the season. Currently we are gearing up for the season: reading seed catalogs & preparing our orders, ordering parts for a hoophouse(!), planning the garden, and also registering the heifers born on the farm last year with the American Dexter Cattle Association. Soon we’ll be listing our first heifer for sale, so check back for more information about that and much more! We hope you are enjoying a great start to 2014!

-Cathy, Bob & all the critters